MushroomHead at The Thompson House

MushroomHead at The Thompson House

We’ve been providing live production in the area for over 35 years and have had the pleasure of working with some of the area’s best bands and venues as well as several regional and national acts.  Here’s a list of venues/artists/shows we’ve worked either providing full sound lighting production, or assisting with system teching /production:


PNC Pavilion Riverbend, The Thompson House,  Live! at the Ludlow Garage, MidPoint Music Festival, Turfway Park, Bourbon & Broad, Toby Keith’s, Rick’s Tavern, Bocca “LIVE!”, River Rock/Jefferson Hall, Coda, J.B. Fins, Ludlow-Bromley Yacht Club, Pirate’s Den, The Beer Sellar, Riverside Marina, Little Nashville of Newport, Legends, Mainstrasse Village Association/City of Covington, The Loft, Tickets, The Cities of Independence, Harrison, Loveland, Cincinnati, Walton, West Chester, Blue Ash.  And many more…


National: 10 Years, 311, AfroMan, Puddle of Mudd, Candlebox, Rob Zombie, Fuel, Red, The Misfits, Saliva, Skid Row, Saving Abel, I Prevail, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Brett Scallions of Fuel, New Found Glory, The LACs, Otherwise, Wayland, KNOXX, Faster Pussycat, Kris Row of the Ataris, Jon Walker-of Panic! at the Disco, Mark Rose of Spitalfield, Phil Taylor of Future Leaders of the World, Tantric, MushroomHead, Tuff, Wayland, Twiztid, The Casualties, Bob Marley’s Original Wailers, Coves, Righteous Vindetta, Emporers & Elephants, Oceano, Kublai Kahn, One Eyed Doll, Pegboard Nerds, Morgan Alexander, Pyschostick,The Raveonettes, Reagan Youth, Red Sun Rising, TapRoot, Stitched Up Heart, Super Bob, Texas in July, Elisium, The Venetia Fair, The Ragbirds, Unsaid Fate, Valora, Courtney Flege from American Idol, and many others…


311 at Riverbend


Local/Regional: Here’s a partial list of local/regional bands we’ve run in the last 3 years:

4th Day Echo, 3 Day Rule, 5 Thirteen, 7L9v9ls, 90 Proof Twang, A Band Apart, A Liar’s Eyes, A Nervous Wreck, A Skylit Drive, Academic, Acoustic Edge, Adaliah, Adam Crozier, After Ascension, Air Sickness, Alaskan Bones Allies Aside, All My Friends Are Dead, Allusions, Along The Shore, Altered, Amative, Ancient Warfare, Anderson Ferry, Andrew & Jess, Apex, Apocalyptic Anthem, Antic Terror, Anything But Bear, Arcadia Backfire, Archer’s Paradox, Aria, Artifex Pereo, At Oceans Depth, At the Skyline, Audible Point, Automatic Evolution, Automagic, Automaton, Autumn in Agony, Avanti, Await the Skyline, Back Stabbath, Backlash, Backlashes and Bad Ideas, Beautiful Bodies, Beer Money Band, Before Sunday, Ben Gallaher, Beneath the Destruction, Between the Epiphanies, Between the Bones, Beyond Today, Billy Brown Band, Black Crown Initiate, Black Market Party, Black Pharaoh, Blame the Gun, Blank State, Blindside Drop, Bobby McClendon, Bootleg Rider, Box Truck Rescue, Boy Hits Car, Brain Clinic, Brave Baby, Break and Run, Breakneck Pace, Breathing Theory, Brent James, Brian Goins & The Goners, Bridge to Grace, Bright Eyed Youth, Bruised Fruit, Buffalo Rodeo, Burning Body, Cage, Calamity Days, Call Me Savage, Captain Ivory, Casey and the Nobodys, Cathercist, Celestials, Chasing Safety, Cheating Paisley,Chief Scout, Chiva Knievil, City Center Falls, Clockwork Soul, ColFlesh, Color Blind, Colors in Mind, Columbia, Come the Dawn, Concord America, Conquer Divide, Counterfeit Money Machine, County Line, Crown in Chaos, Curse of Cassandra, Dan Varner Band, Dance Gavin Dance, Danger Monkey, Dark Colour, Dark Region, Dark Soul, Darkroom Ignite, Darling Down, Day Needs Night, Dayshell, Dead By Design, Dead in Paradise, Dear Agony, Death Broker, Death of a Poet, Decker, Defy The Tyrant, Desensitized, DethleheM , Detrimental, Devils Due, Diamond Youth, Doghouse, Down One, Downtown Brown, Dress in Disaster, Drew Lanius, Drop the Sun, Earth Laid Bare, Elementree Livity Project, Elitist, Emarosa, Escape the Silence, Eternal Void, Evan Ray, Eversole, Evolv3, Expeditions, Eyes on Tomorrow, Famous Last Words, Fenrir, Finished Falling, Flip Side, Flowers for Judith, Formally Lethargic, Freak, Framing Hanley, From Dreams Awakened, Fungonewrong, FWD:, Gabriel’s Hounds, Generations, GenX, Get Stoked, Glassworld, Glostik Willy, Good Luck Varsity, Greywinds, Grieving Otis, Grim State, Hades In Olympus, He is Legend, Hadrada, Heartist, Hell Scorched Earth, Here Come Here, Heyrocco, Hi-Fidelity, Highball, Holesinger, HollowCore, Hotel Books, Hurricane Jane, Hybridiem, I Am The Giant King, Intro Signal, It Lies Within, Iwrestledabearonce, Jackson Taylor and the Sinners, Janie Rae Band, Jason Owens, Jazz for Kids, Jimi Holscher,  Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers, Jonathan Cody White, Juggernaut, Junior Crime Fighters, Kevin Stokley, Kingdoms Burn, Kaleb Hensley, Kingmaker, Kissing Daylight, KLAN, Knocked Loose, Know Prisoners, Krankenstein, Kung Fu Vampire, Kurt Travis, KYSS, L.A. Witch, Lamps & Voids, Leaving Society, Left Behind, Left to the Wolves, Legal Hustle, Legion, Let It Happen, Ley Lines, Life After This, Lift The Medium, Lion in the Mane, Lilin, Lockjaw, Lost in Society, Loudmouth, Luse Lixx, Lying in Ruins, Mad After Dark, Magic Conch, Magic Noodle, Mailman, Mango Monkeys, Mangrenade, Manipulator, Marsha Brady, Marty Connor Band, Mary Cries Red, Michael Stacey Band, Misnomer, Momma’s Porch, Moment of Surrender, Monterey, More Likely Than a Shark Attack, Morgen-Lewis, Motherfolk, Mr. Boogie, Myka Relocate, Naked Karate Girls, Neurotic November. Nevelle, New Vega, No Tomorrow, Northbound, Nuisance, Ocean Grid, Old Skool, On Down the Road, One Day Alive, One Day Steady, Origin of Ashes, Out of the Ashes, Penelope’s Piano, Picture Yes, Pillbillies, Pneumatic, Pope, Pragmatic, Pulse8, PVRIS, Rapidfire Band, Recurrence, Red Beast, Red Hot Roosters, Red Soul Rising, Regiment 115, Released by Prayer, Remote Control, Restless Leg String Band, Revelator, Rhythm & Booze, Rick Adams & Friends, Ridge Runner, Rivers of Nihil, Roaming the Night, Roosevelt, Rootbound, Rubin and the Heroic Dose, Sadistik, Salvation’s Dying, Satellite Flight, Scarangella, School Of Rock Allstars Tour , Screaming For Silence, Sea of Treachery, Season Ten, Sentenced To Sickness, Secondary, Secret Circle Society, See You in the Funnies, Shocker, Shook Like Deadmen, Shotgun Surprise, Silence the Ocean, Signal The Revolution, Simple Ghost, Sinful Crow, Sin of Motion, Siren, Slantrhime, Slave Cable, Sleep on It, Slippery Lips, Small Crowds, So Much Light, Social 66, Solar Flare, Solid Six, Southern Savior, Spence, SpearPoint, Split the Abyss, St. Christopher, St. Valentine, Stage 9, Starlit Skies, Static Wonder, Stays in Vegas, Stolit, Stone Free, Stone Mountain Mafia, Storm the Bay, String Theory, Structures, Swamptucky, Swan, Tana Matz, Take to the Sky, Tangled Luck, Taylor Shannon, Technicolor Monster, Texas in July, The Almighty Get Down, The Almost Heros, The Agoraphobes, The Beast and His Image, The Bryant C. Project, The Bunny The Bear, The Cliftones, The Colour of Amber, The Cooties, The Dugongs, The Evil in Eden, The Few The Fallen, The Freebees, The Gold Hope Duo, The Honeycombs, The Hot Sauce Committee, The Hyenas, The Jim Burns Band, The Journey Forgotten, The Last Troubadour, The Lounge Lizardz, The Menus, The Nearly Deads, The New Machine, The Old Sports, The Pale Sky, The Peonies, The Phoenix Band, The Press War, The Promise Hero, The Rebels, The Red Shift, The Requium, The Slippery Lips, The Suicide Ghouls, The Switchmen, The Truth, The Uptown, The Vains, The World I Knew, Timber, Wait for the East, The Weekend Classic, The Whammies, The Woods, This is All Now, Throw It Down, Total Dudes, To No End, Trailer Park Floosies, Too Close To Touch, Trial By Fire, Two Seconds Too Late, Tyrus, V-Twin Sin, VanillaSake, Vanity Strikes, Veno Xavier, ViFolly, Violent Affair, Waking Silas, Where Are the Warriors, While The Buried Sleep, Within The Ruins, White Liger, Yankee Go Home, You Me and Everyone We Know, Young Colt, Zack Attack…

Fuel at The Thompson House

Fuel at The Thompson House

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