We have the latest in digital technology, powered speakers, and all LED lighting.  Most of our gear is less than 3 years old.  The system is fully scalable from small clubs to outdoor festivals.  We use equipment from the pros: Midas, JBL, Crown, Yamaha, Shure, Sennheiser, Audix, Yorkville, to name a few…

Here’s a partial list:

System #1 (Our “A” rig Digital System)

  • Midas M32 Digital Console with Digital Snake and Stagebox / Full 32ch IN/16ch OUT w/ iPad remote mixing
  • X32 Compact Digital Console w/ iPad remote mixing and digital snake
  • x32 Rack w/ Midas DL16 Digital Stagebox / FOH or a Separate Monitor Console
  • Four JBL SRX835p 3-way 2000W mid/high packs (8000W total mids/highs)
  • Two JBL PRX735 3-way 1500W mid/high packs
  • Two Yorkville EF500P mid/high packs
  • Yorkville LS2100P 21″ subs (3600W 144dB each, massive low end down to 32Hz)
  • Two Yamaha Powered DRX15 floor wedge monitors
  • Four Powered 12″ floor wedge monitors
  • Midas Digital AES50 Snake Cat5e-100M
  • 24×8 channel snake (when running analog)
  • 8×4 Front of Stage sub-snake
  • Three Shure SLX Series wireless mics
  • Shure  PGXD24 digital wireless mic
  • AKG wireless mic
  • Audix D6 and Shure Beta91a Kick drum mics
  • Shure, Sennheiser, Audix, and Audio-Technica wired mics (three complete drum mic kits by Audix and AT)

System #2 (Our “B” rig Analog System)New PA

  • Mackie Onyx 32×4 Console
  • Peavey VSx26 Speaker Processor
  • Peavey CEQ 280a
  • Peavey PV215
  • V-Verb Pro 2496
  • PreSonus ACP88 8ch compressor
  • 2-way 15″ floor monitors
  • Six 18″ subs
  • SP-2 2-way speakers (tri-amp configuration)
  • Amp rack with QSC, Peavey, Crown amps –  XTi4000,GPS3500, EP4000, IPR1600, GX7 (over 12000W potential)


  • Rear Truss loaded with LED RGBW Fixtures with 18X10W RGBW LEDs
  • Two Chauvet Intimidator LED 250 moving heads
  • Two Chauvet 4Bar LED Lights
  • Two Chauvet 4Play LED Lights
  • Two Chauvet 4Play LED Lights
  • Chauvet LED Par 56-24
  • Chauvet LED Par 64-36VW
  • Four Chauvet LEDRain 64C
  • Four American DJ PL-1000 Par 36 Pinspot
  • Eight Chauvet white pinspots
  • Elation DMX Operator Pro Controller
  • Chauvet Stage Designer 50 Console
  • Chauvet Obey 70 Light Console
  • Z Laser MRGP-1 Four color laser
  • Two Chauvet RGB Geyser Fog/Pyro Effects
  • Two Chauvet Double Derby X LED Effects
  • Two Pulse Moonflower LED Effects
  • Two front trusses with 4 LED RGBW spots on each (eight total)
  • 10 ft. Rear truss with 12 RGBW LED floods and assorted effects
  • Chauvet DMX-4 Dimmer/Relay Pack
  • Fog Storm 1700HD fog machine
  • Wireless DMX receivers and transmitters




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